UPDATE: Sorry for the delay in getting the new vendor application published. The next Board of Public Works meeting will be April 24th and We are on the docket. You should see a new vendor packet the next day.


Regional training for the health department regarding food establishments and home based vendors was held Monday and I took a “vacation” day to see if I would need to make any changes to our vendor packet.

Some of the changes are likely expected.  All changes are the result of clarifications from ISDH in existing state law.


No more BBQ sauce or ketchup will be allowed from Home-Based Vendors. (This one was not a surprise.)

Banana nut bread with apple butterFRUIT JELLY & FRUIT BUTTER

Jellies will face more scrutiny to insure only high-acid fruits (pH <= 4.6) is used in jellies sold at markets.

Fruit butters are now allowed and will face the same scrutiny as jelly.

In short, fruit jellies & butters made with apples, blueberries, strawberries, or other high acid fruit is allowed. Fruit jellies & butters made with pumpkin, jalapeños, cucumbers or other low acid fruit is not allowed.

No-Sugar jellies are prohibited. Low-Sugar jellies will face scrutiny.


Only chicken eggs from vendors permitted through the Indiana State Egg Board are allowed. Duck eggs are prohibited.


People permitted to sell meat or other retail foods cannot also sell Home-Based vendor foods off the same table. It must be clear to customers what is retail and what is home-based vendor. How to differentiate will evolve as the Dubois County Health Department helps us determine the best way to prevent any confusion.

FERMENTED PICKLE (or other vegetables)

Fermented vegetable cannot be sold in an oxygen sealed container. In other words, it cannot be sold in a jar with a solid lid nor should it be sold from a sealed jar.


This one just bears repeating. Pet foods and treats, even raw milk not for human consumption, must be licensed by the Indiana State Chemist.