History & What’s New

Market History

The Jasper Farmers’ Market started in 2005 in a corner parking lot on Hwy 231 & 3rd Street. In 2007, it moved north of the Jasper Train Depot under the historic oak tree at the intersection of Jackson St & 3rd Avenue. In 2022, it moved again, to the parking lot behind the Thyen-Clark Cultural Center.

Mission Statement

The market’s purpose is to provide income for local producers, fresh and local products for customers, and a gathering place to help create and develop a greater sense of community. It provides an opportunity for growers, bakers, crafters and artisans to sell goods grown, baked, and created by themselves or their immediate families.

The market relies on the honesty and integrity of each vendor to sustain the market’s spirit.

What is new this year?

Any vendor selling food for human consumption, including fresh produce, is required to have a Food Handler’s Permit. A link is provided online as https://jasperfarmersmarket.com or the Dubois County Health Department can help you.

Our board of directors are Joe & Tammy Huddleston, Darrin & Shannon Graber, Chris & Angie Hasenour, Doris Hulsman, and Leah Beckman.

Below are some terms to know.

  • Member or Member Vendor – A vendor that has paid for the whole season.
  • Guest or Guest Vendor – A vendor that pays only when participating regardless of frequency.
  • Participant – This term includes vendors, entertainment, county/city info booths, etc.
  • Friend – Someone at the market, but not a participant (e.g., a shopper)

Join Us

Please review this sites pages and it you are interested downloaded a vendor packet. The vendor packet is generally available in April.

The purpose of the GDJBA is to promote the continued vitality of downtown Jasper. Our belief is that the downtown districts are the hearts of communities, serving as a link to their heritage and traditions. A representation of the future, downtowns reflect the spirit of these communities. Start Downtown. Build Community.