Beginning Memorial Weekend


Starting Memorial Weekend
Saturdays 8AM – 12PM

Including Strassenfest Weekend


We will be open unless the weather is dangerous.

Canopies must be weighed down.


Our designs can be purchase on a variety of apparel and accessories through TeePublic.


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About the Market

The Jasper Farmers’ Market started in 2005 in a corner parking lot on Hwy 231 & 3rd Street. In 2007, it moved north of the Jasper Train Depot under the historic oak tree at the intersection of Jackson St & 3rd Avenue. In 2022, it moved again, to the parking lot behind the Thyen-Clark Cultural Center.

The market’s purpose is to provide income for local producers, fresh and local products for customers, and a gathering place to help create and develop a greater sense of community. It provides an opportunity for growers, bakers, crafters and artisans to sell goods grown, baked, and created by themselves or their immediate families.
The market relies on the honesty and integrity of each vendor to sustain the market’s spirit.

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Latest News


Food Handler Classes

Update: Effective July 1, 2023, vendors who grow and sell produce (fruit and vegetables) whole and uncut only, are not required to have Safe Food Handler Certification to sell at[…]

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Rock Out, 20 Years

This year, 2024, will be the 20th annual Jasper Farmers Market and… we got a shirt for that. This pun has been ready a while. I just needed the right[…]

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Can I Sell Lemonade at the Market?

Selling lemonade at the market is one of those things I confirm every year with the local health department. State law just is not as clear as it should be[…]

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