This is another question I am asked a lot. The short answer is that you can…but be sure to read this whole thing.

In 2015, I refused pet treat sales not because I did not want pet treats at the market but because they so often failed to conform to state law. This left me in the awkward position of telling a vendor that they would not be allowed to sell their product.

Starting in 2016, I added the following line to the vendor packet: Pet foods must be licensed by the Indiana State Chemist (Ind. Code 15-19-7).

“But I sell it at home and online. Why can’t I sell it here?”

To be honest, you are not legally selling it. It is the responsibility of the Jasper Farmers’ Market to insure that products offered and sold here conform to state law. As a result, pet treats that are not licensed by the ISC cannot be sold.