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Food Handler Classes

A new law went into effect July 1, 2022 that affects Indiana Farmers Markets. House Bill 1149 requires all vendors selling foods (including produce and drink) to have, at a minimum, a Food Handler Certificate. While this is an inconvenience to folks who have sold at the Jasper Farmers Market without such a certificate, it…
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Can I Sell Lemonade at the Market?

Selling lemonade at the market is one of those things I confirm every year with the local health department. State law just is not as clear as it should be because, honestly, no one wants to stop a little kid from selling lemonade. Regardless, I am happy to announce that homemade fruit juices (including lemonade)…
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Can I sell my dog treat at the farmers market?

This is another question I am asked a lot. The short answer is that you can…but be sure to read this whole thing. In 2015, I refused pet treat sales not because I did not want pet treats at the market but because they so often failed to conform to state law. This left me in the…
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Egg Vendors No Longer Have to Shell Out for Local Permit

With the passage of SB 179, Local units of government can no longer require a permit for egg sellers at local farmers’ markets if they have an IESB. From the Indiana General Assembly, the digest reads: Various agricultural matters. Allows poultry farms to slaughter and process up to a certain number of poultry annually without inspection…
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